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We are a social enterprise, and provide education and training for gifted pupils, students with special educational needs (SENs), newly-arrived children as well as their parents and teachers in more than 350 primary schools, secondary schools and organizations across the territory. Our services are rendered by a team of professionals including educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, drama and music therapists, social workers, etc. 


The ‘Work-Life’ publication, as its name suggests, presents the career and lifestyle of our interviewees. They come from diverse professions, and talk about their occupations, personal interests and lifestyles, ways of developing both aspects and means of striking a balance between the two. The interviews are inspiring and useful to our readers for planning their course of life. 

Service highlights

  • Social Skills Training Group

  • Attention Training Group

  • Chinese Reading and Writing Enhancement Course

  • Executive Functions Group

  • Self-development Group

  • Individualized Education Programme (IEP)

  • Inclusive Courses

  • Life Planning Group

  • Exam Preparation Course

  • LEGO Robot Design Group

What is ‘LinkMic’?

It is a series of comic strips created by Link Education which are published in a variety of multimedia platforms. Each animal character possesses a kind of special educational needs (SENs). The comics are designed to let the public better understand children with SENs in order to promote the spirit of inclusion in our city.

Social Media

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