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A3-A4 English Courses for SEN Students


Unique Features:

• Tailor-made teaching: Conduct baseline assessment and personal learning style assessment

(VARK) to better understand student’s strengths.

• Content: Literacy intervention program with a focus on enhancing phonological awareness and

phonological memory

• We care students' motivation: small class + individual training / counseling sessions (optional) to

strengthen the interest of learning English and participation in class

• Supported by: Educational Psychologist and experienced English teachers with SEN exposure


• Focusing on reading (building vocabulary bank, reading comprehension strategies with grammar

techniques) and writing with framework

• Spelling methods for weak students

• Videos, worksheets, PowerPoints and games to support multi-sensory learning (e.g. readings, vocabulary)

• Develop literacy skills by using a range of text types and techniques

• Relevant techniques and reminders to support paired-learning or individual learning activities

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