A3-A4 English Courses for SEN Students

Junior Secondary Mathematics (S1 - S3) Courses



  • Cross over the primary school mathematics syllabuses and the junior secondary

S1-S3 mathematics curriculum and assessment method

  • Lead students into the new trend of learning mathematics through activities

which motivate them to explore, think and establish the abilities in solving mathematical problems

  • Cope with the teaching pace and enhance the interaction among students and

teachers and provide more chances for students to participate the discussions in

  • Enable students to cope confidently with the mathematics needed in their seniorsecondary mathematics syllabuses


  • Class activities to explore new concepts through which students could participate

in constructing knowledge of negative integers, negative rational numbers and
irrational numbers

  • Example and classwork would be provided, in order to consolidate the relevant

knowledge, such as using algebraic symbols including patterns of sequences of

  • Revision exercises are emphasizing to consolidate the knowledge acquired,

including the data handling approaches

  • Daily-life questions are issued, which enable students to experience the

practicality of mathematics

Senior Secondary mathematics (S4 - S6) Mathematics Courses


  • Strengthen students to familiar with and use of mathematical algorithm

  • Develop students to have solid knowledge pf the mathematical theories,-

concepts, skills and principles presented in the curriculum and assessment guide

  • Enhance students’ ability to use appropriate techniques for solving various

mathematical problems

  • Nurture students’ ability to communicate ideas and to present arguments-



  • Numerical answers of classwork and exercise are delivered, and would be

thoroughly discussed in class

  • Problem solving techniques, such as geometric properties of two-dimensional

figures and three-dimensional figures, would be explained step by step

  • Integrated exercises are come up with each topic classified under questions and

multiple choices, which could build up the ability in applying the knowledge
acquired from several different topics

  • Various techniques and methods in answering the HKDSE mathematics papers

would be analyzed, that could enrich the students’ ability to answer the
questions appropriately